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Bullets, Plural by water_4_willows (engl.)


Titel: Bullets, Plural
Autor: water_4_willows
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Characters: Rodney McKay, John Sheppard
Rating: Gen
Genre:  Friendship, Hurt/Comfort, Gunshot Wounds

Wortanzahl: 11300

Kurzinhalt: „The passageway he folds in is dark. The only light to be seen is the lazy muted white the flashlight at the end of his P90 throws off from its place on the floor near his feet – the place where it landed after he body checked McKay out of the way.“

Unabashed Sheppard Whump. A one-shot rated T for some language.

Anmerkungen des Autors: Set sometime in Season 5.
Our heroes deal with the most imaginative villains in the Pegasus galaxy. I wanted to explore what would happen if they were faced with an evil that can be found just about anywhere. Bullets don’t know friend from foe, Wraith from Replicator, so I thought them fitting protagonists for this one-shot. I hope you enjoy. I have no beta so all mistakes are mine (and Lord knows I make them so apologies in advance).

Warum solltest du es lesen: Freundschaft zentriert, aber mit genügend Dramatik, Einblicke in die Charaktere und deren Erinnerungen, einen Sheppard und Rodney die trotz ernster und ungewöhlicher Situation gut wieder erkannt werden und ihre Charaktermomente haben.